Weight Loss Bundle
Weight Loss Bundle
Weight Loss Bundle

Weight Loss Bundle

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This bundle is designed to assist with weight-loss by reducing food cravings, motivating you to stick to your goals, promoting an established routine, and conquering the resultant irritability.  

Every bundle is assembled, cleansed and recharged right prior to shipping!

  • Citrine (Optimism and Motivation)
    • (~1lb/ 340-460g) Extra Quality Cluster
    • Rich golden color!
  • Fluorite (Making new habits)
    • (2") A/B+ Quality Polished Palm Stone
    • Fluorite ranges in colors: Purple, Green, Blue, Red, and yellow!
  • Black Tourmaline (Relieves negativity)
    • (1-2") Natural/ Raw Piece
    • Some pieces may even contain Mica or Calcite!
  • Blue Apatite (Patience)
    • (1") Natural/ Raw Piece
  • Emerald (Focus and Clarity)
    • (1") Natural Rough Piece
  • Malachite (Initiating Change)
    • (1") Tumbled Fidget Stone, Guaranteed beautiful patterns!
  • Sodalite (Finding Solutions)
    • (1") Tumbled Piece
  • Tiger's Eye (Motivation and Honesty)
    • (1") Tumbled Piece
  • Rose Quartz (Forgiveness and Confidence)
    • (1") Tumbled Piece

Citrine breaks self-destructive patterns and calms an overactive mind by reversing negative thinking. An optimistic and focused mind sticks to goals. Keep Citrine in a location where you spend most of your day to reduce temptation and help motivate you.

Following a regular routine can help establish healthy eating habits. Fluorite helps to break destructive habits that you have previously tried to break unsuccessfully. By clearing your mind of negativity, Fluorite allows you to organize and structure a new healthy routine. Black Tourmaline relieves stress and other aggravations that might drive you back to “comfort foods”. Use Blue Apatite to calm irritability from unsatisfied cravings and other difficult adjustments. Blue Apatite also promotes patience, which is important when making long term changes. If these transitions begin to affect your performance, keep Emerald close by. If you are having difficulty beginning your diet use Malachite to initiate this change. Malachite is an intense stone that motivates you; so use it only when you need to.

Learning the deeper reasons behind our choices can help us find better solutions. Sodalite helps you understand why you over eat. Tiger’s Eye prevents you from inventing excuses to quit your diet.  

Weight loss is a gradual process, and an occasional misstep should not discourage you from maintaining your new mindset. Rose Quartz allows you to forgive yourself so you can continue with your diet plan. Rose Quartz also promotes self-confidence and patience, both important for making long lasting changes.