Virgo Bundle
Virgo Bundle

Virgo Bundle

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  • Amazonite (Creativity)
    • 1 (1") Tumbled Piece, 1 (1") Rough Piece
  • Citrine (Crystal for Positive attitude)
    • 1 (2” cluster)Extra Quality Brazilian Crystal
    • Richer color than other citrine crystals for same price!
  • Green Moss Agate (Releasing emotions)
    • 3 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Septarian (Self-care)
    • 2 (1") Natural Rough Pieces
  • Aquamarine (Understanding your emotions)
    • 2 (1-2") Natural Pieces
  • Purple Fluorite (Balance and Order)
    • 1 (2") Polished Palm Stone
    • A/B+ Grade 
  • Snowflake Obsidian (Calms Over-thinking)
    • 3 (1") Tumbled Pieces

Virgos are avid observers, creative, hardworking, and kind friends. You can trust a Virgo to have a plan for every situation and a specific idea of how things will turn out. Their consistency makes them dependable partners, as they value truth over comfort, and they often foster life-long relationships. Though they are strong problem solvers Virgos's analytical minds often steamroll gut-feelings and leave emotions unresolved. These gentle-souls live to help others and will always "go the extra mile."

Amazonite, raw and tumbled, are included with this bundle, one for meditation and one to fidget with and carry. Use this stone when making a difficult decision  to fairly consider all options. When experiencing a block in creativity Amazonite relieves stress and can inspire new methods of productivity when feeling stalled. Use Citrine to break self-destructive habits like over thinking or fault-finding, and encourage constructive criticism instead. Citrine can even calm a natural worrier and turn harbored negativity into ambition and grit. (This crystal cluster is especially useful for restoring family harmony).

Sometimes a Virgo thinks so analytically that they talk themselves out of feeling their feelings. Green Moss Agate validates your emotions can teach you how to express them in a healthy way. Similarly, Septarian accesses your emotions and encourages self-care in taxing times. Use Septarian to see projects to the end and enhance the implementation of plans.

Aquamarine is for the overworked and overwhelmed. Like Citrine, Aquamarine helps break self-destructive habits, acknowledging their basis, and exposing their effect on your life. Green and Purple Fluorite help add structure to your everyday activities to increase focus and self-awareness; therefore increasing productivity. Snowflake Obsidian helps you approach new tasks with an open mind and brings closure to your past mistakes/disappointments. Snowflake Obsidian also teaches you to value all experiences and how to apply them in the future.