Pisces Bundle small 6pc
Pisces Bundle small 6pc

Pisces Bundle small 6pc

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The Pisceans are highly intuitive and compassionate people who would do anything for their loved ones. Their intuition and ability to empathize often move them towards artistic outlets, particularly music and writing. While they often trust their gut-feelings they are very analytical. Their sign is made up of 2 fish following each other in a circle symbolizing their duality, a quality that makes them hard to characterize. 
  • Fluorite 2" Palm Stone (Intuition, Organization)
  • Aquamarine 1" Natural/Raw Piece (Calming when overwhelmed)
  • 1 (1") Tumbled Stones of Each
    • Blue Chalcedony (Courage to speak out)
    • Amethyst  (Tranquility, Discussion, Focus)
    • Turquoise (Trust and Loyalty)
    • Tiger's Eye (Motivation, Initiating Change)

Pisces' rely on intuition to make decisions and may even seem clairvoyant. Fluorite strengthens awareness and focus to enhance intuition. Because of their kindness a Pisces may "overbook" commitments. Fluorite also facilitates structure and organization for someone too busy helping others. 

While a Pisces tends to have strong and passionate opinions they dislike confrontation and may retreat when the environment turns heated. Aquamarine and Amethyst calm intense emotions allowing for an open and beneficial debate. Aquamarine can also be useful for processing these overwhelming moments. Blue Chalcedony is a nurturing stone, protecting sensitivity while encouraging healthy expression.

Pisces may be too trusting at times and may need help identifying if and who may be taking advantage of their kindness. Turquoise encourages self-examination and discovering individuality. It also strengthens friendships through loyalty. A Pisces naturally sees the positive in all options which can make them very indecisive. In these moments use Amethyst and Tiger's Eye. Amethyst increases focus and ensures you are seeing your options realistically. Tiger's Eye motivates you to take action.

Healing with crystals doesn't have to be complicated! Some people just like surrounding themselves with crystals because of their natural beauty. You can simply place them in your home or office, or take them to the next level and use them in meditation, contemplation, yoga, feng shui, or even chakra healing reiki!