Happy Marriage And Relationship Bundle
Happy Marriage And Relationship Bundle
Happy Marriage And Relationship Bundle

Happy Marriage And Relationship Bundle

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This bundle contains stones to help with love, communication, and empathy.  Stones can be used with your partner or to work with on your own.  
All relationships require work because, as we know, nothing is solved on its own.  Remember, the work is worth the reward.
All crystals are selected, cleansed, and recharged as ordered with you in mind!
  • Celestite/ Celestine (Conflict Resolution)
    • 1 (340-460g/~1lb) Natural Cluster
    • Very little "base" rock, ENTIRE cluster is crystal!
    • A $40 value anywhere else
  • Emerald (Stone of Successful Love)
    • 1 (1") Raw/ Natural Piece
  • Apatite (Motivation and Communication)
    • 1 (1") Raw/ Natural Piece
  • Garnet (Love, Friendship, and breaking old patterns)
    • 1(1") Raw Piece
  • 2 (1") Raw Piece Each
    •  Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love), Amethyst (Calming), Labradorite (Removes outside influences)
  • 1 (1") Tumbled Stones Each
    •  Turquoise (Perspective and starting anew), Carnelian (Passion),
  • Brecciated Jasper (Stabilizing and Libido) 
    • 2 (1") Tumbled Pieces

Known as the “Stone of Successful Love” Emerald promotes empathy, loyalty, and protects friendships. Similarly, Garnet maintains love and friendship by relieving self-consciousness and encouraging “open” communication. Blue Apatite, like Garnet, encourages passion and openness; like Emerald it promotes empathy. Use Garnet on your own to identify and break self-defeating patterns that may be damaging your relationship.


Even a successful partnership will face challenges, either together or individually. For those who make snap judgments: Blue Apatite clears your mind of negativity and improves communication in a disagreement. Use Amazonite to understand an argument from all sides, and help “get in touch” with your feelings. Brecciated Jasper uncovers problems before they “explode” and should be used to re-stabilize erratic emotions before confrontation. During the discussion, use Celestite to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and encourage compromise. If you become angry or jealous Carnelian can calm you down. Labradorite provides perspective to insecurities and, along with Carnelian, prevents past experiences from affecting the present.


Turquoise nurtures friendship by protecting against outside influences like work and family. Similarly, Tourmalinated Quartz relieves tension and helps find solutions. Rose Quartz and Amethyst are powerful stones for promoting love, unconditional love, trust, and encouraging forgiveness. Use Rose Quartz to strengthen self-worth and empathy. Use Amethyst amid a difficult situation or decision to reduce anxiety and enhance critical thinking. Amethyst can be calming and motivating as needed.

Additional Note: Carnelian has also been known to restore passion and vigor. Brecciated Jasper also aids in sexual compatibility.