Libra Bundle
Libra Bundle

Libra Bundle

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A Libra's best known feature is their ability to find balance and their constant mission for equality. They have the sensitive ability to recognize imbalances and feel the responsibility to fix them. True mediators; Libras are active listeners and seek knowledge/discussion, but avoid debate at all cost.  While Libras want to solve problems they do no enjoy being confronted or imposed upon.  They feel stronger with a partner and because of their sensitivity to other people's emotions they also make good partners.
  • Amethyst (Calms Anxiety):
    • 3 (1") Rough Pieces
  • Black Tourmaline (Blocks negative thinking):
    • 2 (1-2") Natural Rough Pieces
  • Citrine (Optimism and Adaptability):
    • 1 (230-460g/ ~1 lb) Extra Quality Crystal Cluster
    • Rich golden color! 
  • Rose Quartz (Love and Forgiveness):
    • 3 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Blue Kyanite (Conquer Fears): 
    • 3 (1-2") Rough 'sticks'
  • Moonstone (Intuition):
    • 1 Pendulum

Amethyst calms erratic emotion and assists with focus and comprehension, something potentially useful for a Libra whose diplomatic nature demands knowledge. For those who choose to make change rather than debate it Amethyst can be a valuable motivator. Black Tourmaline halts negative thinking which could distract from your goals, and pacifies intense situations for a more open discussions. Citrine neutralizes negativity to promote optimism, support a harmonious attitude, and strengthen adaptability. 

Rose Quartz protects love. Libra's act out of love, but their mission for equality and their strict moral code do not make them very forgiving. Use Rose Quartz to let go of past grudges and to replace negative feelings with loving ones. Rose Quartz also inspires self-acceptance and confidence. Similarly, Kyanite promotes compassion and empathy. Use Kyanite to conquer fears, making tasks less stressful and, therefore, easier. Moonstone accesses your intuition and strengthens trust in your decisions. We have included it as a pendulum for easy carry.