Capricorn Bundle
Capricorn Bundle

Capricorn Bundle

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Capricorn, the ram, is known for their serious and independent nature.  They seek the security of being above the rest and tend to be very accomplished.  A Capricorn never starts something without seeing it to the end making them excellent employees and teammates, though, they prefer to do everything themselves.  No obstacle is too big that they cannot adapt to make the most of it and while they can be stubborn it is their steadfast consistency that attracts others to them.
  • Aragonite (Patience for hard workers)
    • 1 (0.25-0.5 lb) Natural Crystal Cluster
  • Garnet (Energizes)
    • 1 (1") Natural Rough Piece
  • Black Tourmaline (Rationality and Positive thinking)
    • 2 (1-2") Rough Pieces
    • Because we use natural you'll be lucky enough to receive some attached calcite or pieces!
  • Fluorite (Organizing and Soothing)
    • 1 (2") Polished Palm Stones
  • Tiger's Eye (Identifying problems)
    • 3 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Malachite (Making necessary changes)
    • 1 (0.5-1") Tumbled Stones
    • Guaranteed beautiful patterns!

Aragonite might be the best stone for a Capricorn.  For someone who works tirelessly and, possibly, obsessively Aragonite grounds by distributing energy evenly throughout the body and enables the breaks the mind out of fixation.  It fosters patience and prompts delegation, both being important for someone who wants everything done their way in the fastest manner possible.  Finally, Aragonite can also bring clarity and a deeper comprehension to emotional situations, encouraging forgiveness.  

When dealing with insecurities and innate cautious pessimism work with Garnet and Black Tourmaline.  Garnet energizes and encourages in moments of crisis, increases self-awareness and promotes letting go of old hindering habits.  Black Tourmaline draws out negative energy and grounds the mind to allow for rational thinking and critical optimism.

A well disciplined person may not need help personally but may need some assistance dealing with an environment they cannot control.  Fluorite provides structure when everything around you seems chaotic by calming your mind and increasing the energy needed to complete your mission.  We include Fluorite as palm stone for carrying around in your pocket and holding when its needed.

Capricorns are ambitious and because of their work ethic they often achieve what they set out to do which, paired with stubbornness, often leads to arrogance in these areas of achievement.  Tiger's Eye, like Garnet, increase self-awareness and helps to identify problems before they get out-of-hand.  Once you know a problem exists Tiger's Eye pushes you towards the changes that need to be made.  Malachite is another change accelerator that insists on taking responsibility for your actions. While Malachite can be intense at first this might be what our stubborn ram needs.