Depression Management Bundle (our finest)
Depression Management Bundle (our finest)
Depression Management Bundle (our finest)

Depression Management Bundle (our finest)

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This bundle is designed to help with managing depression and changing old patterns.
Each bundle is assembled to order.
  • Citrine (Joy and Optimism)
    • 1 (0.5-1 lb/ 230-460g) Extra Quality Brazilian 
  • Smoky Quartz (Concentration and Grounding)
    • 1 (2-3") Single Crystal
  • Amber (Absorbing negativity and encourages trust)
    • 1 (2-3") Natural Rough Piece/ Mature Copal
  • Calcite (Cleansing and Self-awareness)
    • 1 (1-2") Cut Unpolished Prism
  • Yellow Jasper (Positive energy)
    • 1 (1") Natural and Rough Piece
  • Aquamarine (Breaking old patterns)
    • 1 (1") Natural and Rough Piece
  • Clear Quartz (Cleansing and provides Clarity)
    • 5 (0.5-1") Natural Points
  • Black Tourmaline (improves Rational thought)
    •  1 (1") Natural and Rough Piece

Smoky Quartz and Raw Amber are two of the strongest protection crystals around. Both clear your mind of negative thoughts to promote positive ones, and break negative conditioning. Smoky Quartz helps relieve stress, suicidal thoughts, and provides clarity in these moments. Carry Raw Amber and Black Tourmaline to protect yourself from the stress and negativity of others. Black Tourmaline relaxes anxious thoughts and prompts rationality. Similarly, use Yellow Jasper to relax and channel positive thoughts when you are overwhelmed with emotions from the past. To relieve anger, fear, or guilt use Aquamarine when confronting the past or uncovering repressed memories. After reaching closure use Aquamarine to break self-destructive patterns.

Managing depression is hard work on the mind and body so we have included Citrine, Calcite, and Clear Quartz for stress clearing and optimism. In anxious moments use Citrine for a boost of joy and to reestablish a calm center. Citrine prompts behavioral changes to establish a healthy routine. A routine structures your daily responsibilities, freeing up time for other efforts. Calcite amplifies present positivity and can help provide emotional insight. Clear Quartz cleanses other stones and provides clarity in taxing times.

This is bundle is not a replacement for professional help.

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