Aquarius Bundle
Aquarius Bundle

Aquarius Bundle

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Those born under the sign Aquarius are often quiet, but heavy thinkers and are avid problem solvers.  In fact, it is this talent in combination with their compassion that make them an adventurous group trying to improve the world.  They do not easily make connections, as they value their alone time, but will develop and nurture the ones they do make.
  • Amethyst (Serenity and Motivation)
    • 1 (0.5-1lb), Uruguayan Cut-Base, Dark Purple Crystals
    • This is a $26 value on its own!
    • February's Birthstone/ Gemstone
  • Aquamarine (Self-awareness and making a change)
    • 2 (1-2") Natural Rough 
  • Hematite (Grounding and Strength)
    • 2 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Fluorite (Organization)
    • 1 (2-3") Extra Quality! Polished Palm Stone
    • Fluorite can come in green, purple, blue, yellow, and red!
  • Apatite (Kindness and Communications)
    • 2 (1-2") Natural Rough Pieces
  • Garnet (Confidence and Strength)
    • 2 (1") Natural Rough Pieces
    • January's Birthstone/ Gemstone

We include Amethyst to calm and clear a busy mind allowing free and open discussion. An Aquarius naturally sees without prejudice and can push personal emotions to the side when making decisions; Amethyst can enhance these analytical abilities. Similarly, Aquamarine promotes tolerance, helps with concentration during hectic moments, and can be used to enhance self-awareness and intuition.

Helping everyone can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially for an Aquarius who feels a responsibility for everything. Eventually there will need to be recovery periods. When feeling overwhelmed with responsibility Hematite "brings you back to basics". It's also useful in uncovering repressed feelings and memories that can be used for growth. Fluorite and Apatite are grounding stones that can draw out negative energy, even negative energy obtained secondhand.  The Fluorite comes as a palm stone to carry with you and help with organization and perception where ever you are.

Apatite can harness a Aquarius' innate need to help others and amplify it while still deflecting outside negativity.  Carry and hold Apatite to inspire communication and break through emotional walls, whether they be yours or those of another.  In a crisis use Garnet for love, hope, and strength to bounce back.  Garnet can also provide an extra boost of courage and self-awareness in situations that seem hopeless.