Virgo Bundle 6pcs
Virgo Bundle 6pcs
Virgo Bundle 6pcs

Virgo Bundle 6pcs

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Virgos are avid observers, creative, hardworking, and kind friends. You can trust a Virgo to have a plan for every situation and a specific idea of how things will turn out. Their consistency makes them dependable partners, as they value truth over comfort, and they often foster life-long relationships. Though they are strong problem solvers Virgos's analytical minds often steamroll gut-feelings and leave emotions unresolved. These gentle-souls live to help others and will always "go the extra mile."
  • 1 (1") Rough Piece
    • Amazonite (Creativity)
    • Septarian (Self-care)
    • Aquamarine (Understanding your emotions)
  • 1(1") Tumbled Piece of Each
    • Green Moss Agate (Releasing emotions)
    • Snowflake Obsidian (Calms Over-thinking)
  • Fluorite (Balance and Order)
    • 1(2") A/B+ Grade Polished Palm Stone

Use Amazonite when making a difficult decision and to fairly consider all options. When experiencing a block in creativity Amazonite relieves stress and can inspire new methods of productivity when feeling stalled. 

Sometimes a Virgo thinks so analytically that they talk themselves out of feeling their feelings. Green Moss Agate validates your emotions can teach you how to express them in a healthy way. Similarly, Septarian accesses your emotions and encourages self-care in taxing times. Use Septarian to see projects to the end and enhance the implementation of plans.

Aquamarine is for the overworked and overwhelmed; common qualities of Virgo. Use Aquamarine to helps break self-destructive habits, acknowledge their basis, and identify their effect on your life. Green and Purple Fluorite help add structure to your everyday activities to increase focus and self-awareness; therefore increasing productivity. Snowflake Obsidian helps you approach new tasks with an open mind and brings closure to your past mistakes/disappointments. Snowflake Obsidian also teaches you to value all experiences and how to apply them in the future.