Pisces 6pc Deluxe Bundle
Pisces 6pc Deluxe Bundle

Pisces 6pc Deluxe Bundle

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The Pisceans are highly intuitive and compassionate people who would do anything for their loved ones. Their intuition and ability to empathize often move them towards artistic outlets, particularly music and writing. Just because they prefer to follow their hearts, doesn't mean they aren't analytical. In fact, Pisces are keen observers and are often the first to notice if something is upsetting a loved one.

  • Fluorite (Organization, Focus)
    • 1 (2") Polished Palm Stone
  • Blue Chalcedony (Courage to speak out)
    • 1 (1") Tumbled Piece
  • Aquamarine (Calming)
    • 1 (1-2") Natural Rough Piece
  • Amethyst  (Tranquility)
    • 1 (1") Tumbled Piece
  • Turquoise (Trust and Loyalty)
    • 1 (0.5") Tumbled Piece
  • Tiger's Eye (Motivation)
    • 1 (1") Tumbled Piece

Fluorite strengthens awareness, the ability to focus, and enhances a Pisces' natural intuition. Because of their kindness a Pisces may "overbooked" commitments. Fluorite facilitates structure and organization for someone too busy helping others.

While Pisces tend to have strong and passionate opinions they dislike confrontation and may retreat when the environment turns heated. Aquamarine and Amethyst calm intense emotions allowing for an open and beneficial debate. Aquamarine can also be useful for processing these overwhelming moments and keep you from withdrawing. Blue Chalcedony is a nurturing stone, protecting sensitivity while encouraging healthy expression.

Unfortunately, there are people who will take advantage of a Pisces' kindness under the guise as 'a friend in need'. Turquoise strengthens friendships through loyalty, and encourages honest examination of the people in your life. A Pisces naturally sees the good in everything, but this also makes them very indecisive. In these moments use Amethyst and Tiger's Eye. Amethyst increases focus and ensures you are seeing your options realistically. Tiger's Eye motivates you to take action.