New Family Dog Bundle
New Family Dog Bundle
New Family Dog Bundle

New Family Dog Bundle

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  • Citrine: (3-4inch) Crystal Cluster
  • Apophyllite: (3-4") Cluster
  • 1(1") Raw Stones ea:
    • Garnet, Septarian, Aquamarine, Orange Calcite
  • 1(1") Tumbled Stones Each:
    • Rose Quartz, Onyx, Amethyst, Red and Picture Jasper, Moss Agate, Botswana Agate
  • 1(0.5") Tumbled: Labradorite

To prepare for your new arrival use Citrine, Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, and Orange Calcite. Citrine eliminates negativity and encourages perseverance through the many new and unique challenges. Rose Quartz fosters unconditional love, boosts confidence and provides comforting optimism. If overwhelmed by all the new information, Orange Calcite and Picture Jasper conquer any fears. Use Moss Agate to tune-in to your parental instincts, release stress, to excite you for what’s to come, and to think more pragmatically. Hey you're not the only show in town anymore!

Apophyllite increases retention of new information, which is important as a first time parent. Apophyllite also encourages you to share your parenting experiences with others and ask for advice and help when needed. Hold Labradorite in your hand to muster endurance when you need rationality to calm emotions.

If worried, carry Botswana Agate to distinguish between meaningful caution and unnecessary worries. When overwhelmed with responsibility Aquamarine promotes harmony between partners and helps in sharing mutual tasks and responsibilities. If overly stressed, use Garnet for strength and composure to arrive at the best results and Red Jasper for problem solving. Onyx boosts self confidence. Septarian and Aquamarine encourage you to take care of yourself by reminding you that the healthier you are in body, mind and spirit, the better you will be able to provide loving nurturing care.

Amethyst calms anxiety and helps develop new ways to pace yourself preventing over exhaustion. Carry Amethyst along to pacify obsessiveness and promote patience; as adjusting to a new family life is an “art in progress”.