Gemini Zodiac and Astrological 6pc bundle
Gemini Zodiac and Astrological 6pc bundle

Gemini Zodiac and Astrological 6pc bundle

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  • Aquamarine: 1-2" Natural Rough Piece
  • Emerald: 1" Natural Rough Piece
  • Howlite: 1" Tumbled Piece
  • Botswana Agate: 1" Tumbled Piece
  • Blue Apatite: 1-2" Natural and Rough Piece
  • Dalmatian Stone: 1" Tumbled Piece

Gemini are typically tolerant, but this can result in their true feelings begin ignored. Aquamarine facilitates an open mind and encourages healthy expression of your feelings. A Gemini makes many connections, but their restlessness and eagerness may be too much for others. Botswana Agate increases your awareness of other's feelings.

Gemini seek friends and deep connections, protecting and nurturing them. Emerald promotes unconditional love in a friend or partnership without confining either party; it is known as the stone of "Successful Love" after all. Un-dyed Howlite encourages honesty in all manners and shields you from unfair expectations of others. Carry Howlite to protect against outside anger and encourage openness between friends.

Gemini's care deeply and will become anxious when they cannot solve a problem. Blue Apatite clears frustration and channels a Gemini's natural kindness, curiosity, and clever mind into humanitarian action. Use Dalmation Stone (Aplite) to "take a step back" and re-evaluate a problem without over-analyzing.