Cancer 5pc Zodiac Bundle
Cancer 5pc Zodiac Bundle

Cancer 5pc Zodiac Bundle

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Cancer signs are "tenacious"! With their high degree of empathy Cancers care like no one else, and truly care about everyone. Because of this nature they are also expect the same amount of attention, and do not handle rejection well. This combination of emotional intelligence and sensitivity can turn a kind Cancer's behavior into passive aggression.

  • 1(1") Tumbled Stone Each:
    • Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Blue Chalcedony
  • Moonstone:1 Pendulum, For making decisions!
  • Emerald:1(1") Natural/Raw Finished Piece

While Cancer is known to be intense, they can also be shy when approaching a new situation. Use Carnelian to muster courage and quick thinking, and to express your worries in a calm manner. Cancers try to form meaningful relationships with everyone, especially romantic ones. Emerald is the "Stone of Successful Love", teaching patience and nurturing unconditional love in all relationships. Emerald also reels in (and calls attention to) well-meaning behaviors that might be perceived as overbearing, constraining, or manipulative. Blue Chalcedony increases self-awareness and aids in calming fiery emotions, such as jealousy or anger. Carry Moonstone to balance emotions in intense interactions with others. Moonstone also harnesses your intuition and channels it towards success!