Aries Zodiac Bundle 6pc
Aries Zodiac Bundle 6pc
Aries Zodiac Bundle 6pc

Aries Zodiac Bundle 6pc

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Those born as an Aries are natural leaders, charismatic, passionate, and loaded with confidence. However, their confidence can become arrogance and enthusiasm can lead to impatience. This bundle is designed to nurture your ability to rally, while approach situations with caution.
  • Garnet 1" Natural/Raw Piece (Confidence and Strength)
  • Jasper 1" Natural/Raw Piece (Passion and Cautious Thinking)
  • Turquoise 1" Tumbled (Luck and making changes)
  • Carnelian 1" Tumbled (Success)
  • Tiger's Eye 1" Tumbled (Constructive Criticism and thought)
  • Aventurine 1" Tumbled (Prosperity, Efficiency)

Carnelian and Garnet are both powerful amplifiers and should be carried with you when you need good luck in a new venture. Garnet can also help break insecurities in love if find you second-guess yourself. Carry Tiger's Eye to assist in rational thinking, and to heighten your observational ability before jumping into situations. Use Red Jasper to properly assess risks. Tiger's Eye can also keep you motivated when you loose interest in a project.  

Turquoise attracts good fortune and motivates you to make changes where you need to. Similarly, Aventurine is said to be the "Stone of Opportunity" used to sway the odds in your favor. It encourages healthy discussion and keeps you from getting carried away in excitement, important for a confident Aries.