Aries Bundle (our deluxe)
Aries Bundle (our deluxe)

Aries Bundle (our deluxe)

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Those born as an Aries are natural leaders, charismatic, passionate, and loaded with confidence. However, their confidence can become arrogance and enthusiasm can lead to impatience. This bundle is designed to nurture your ability to rally, while approach situations with caution.

This bundle includes:

  • Citrine (Joy and Motivation):
    • 1(180-340g/~0.5 lb) Extra Quality Cluster
    • Deep golden crystals!
  • Turquoise (Luck and making changes):
    • 2 (0.5") Tumbled Pieces
  • Garnet (Confidence and Strength):
    • 1 (1") Natural/Raw Pieces 
  • Carnelian (Success):
    • 2 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Tiger's Eye (Critical Thinking):
    • 2 (1") Tumbled Pieces
  • Jasper (Passion and Cautious Thinking):
    • 1 (1-2") Natural/Raw Pieces

Carnelian and Garnet are both powerful "luck" boosters and should be carried when you beginning a new venture. Carnelian can also protect your positive attitude in a stressful environment. Aries are notably fearless and prefer to tackle a problem head first. Use Red Jasper to recognize consequences before taking action. Use Tiger's Eye to promote rational thinking and heighten awareness while confronting problems. Tiger's Eye can also keep you motivated when you loose interest in a project.

Aries are skilled multi-taskers, but their kindness/enthusiasm can cause them to over-fill their schedules. Citrine provides mental clarity, making it easier to organize commitments. While Aries are great friends, their temper can make them vindictive. Citrine brightens your mood and encourages forgiveness. Use Turquoise when feeling overwhelmed or impatient to calm your frustration.