Anxiety and Worry Bundle Quality 6pc
Anxiety and Worry Bundle Quality 6pc
Anxiety and Worry Bundle Quality 6pc

Anxiety and Worry Bundle Quality 6pc

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All of our items are cleansed and recharged before shipping!  Each crystal is handpicked, recharged, and selected right before shipping.
  • 1 (1") Natural/Raw Pieces Each:
    • Garnet (Confidence)
    • Amazonite (Emotional Balance)
    • Rose Quartz (Love, Self-confidence)
    • Aquamarine (Intuition)
    • Amethyst (Serenity, Reflection)
    • (1") Tumbled Gemstone
    • Sodalite (Calms Panic)
      • 1 (1") Tumbled Stone

    For this bundle we've included crystals that can assist with handling and understanding your anxiety.  

    Amethyst is a crystal best known for calming our stronger emotions (like anxiety), and for increasing self-awareness in disorienting/stressfull times. Rose Quartz promotes self-worth and self-love. Use Rose Quartz when you're in need of comfort, or when there doesn't seem to be a solution to your worries. Sodalite calms in moments of crisis or panic allowing you to manage the problem at hand. Similarly, Amazonite can help work through the grieving process. It encourages healthy expression of emotions instead of suppressing them.

     To break negative thought patterns and other self-defeating habits use Aquamarine and Garnet. Aquamarine supports an overworked and over tired mind, allowing for relaxation undisturbed by worry. If you are making changes in your life or need to make a difficult decision carry Garnet to muster confidence and stabilize anxiety before taking action. Garnet can also amplify the effects of other crystals when carried along side them. 

    Healing with crystals doesn't have to be complicated!  Some people just like surrounding themselves with crystals because of their natural beauty.  You can simply place them in your home or office, or take them to the next level and use them in meditation, contemplation, yoga, feng shui, or even chakra healing reiki!  

    *These are not a substitute for professional help.